The Society’s fields of interest include:

  • the history of the major subject areas of linguistics and the more specialist topics, such as writing systems, literacy, rhetoric, and the application of linguistic ideas within professional and technical fields (e.g. medicine).
  • the history of language learning and teaching.

The Society promotes these aims by:

  • keeping members in touch with one another through our JISCMAIL mailing list and through our website. Contact a member of the Executive Committee if you would like a news item posted –  members of the list can also post directly to it.
  • publishing articles and reviews in our journal, Language & History, with two issues each year (in May and November). All articles are peer reviewed, and we welcome suggestions of books to review/ offers to review suitable titles.
  • arranging at least one meeting every year, either:
    • a Colloquium in late August/ early September (but not normally in years when the International Conference on the History of the Language Sciences (ICHoLS) meets), or
    • a one-day Conference, usually in April; in either case, such conferences or colloquia are held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting of the Society;
  • promoting research through the exchange of information about members’ research interests and facilitating contacts among interested scholars pursuing enquiries into particular branches of the subject;
  • maintaining a collection of books and articles relevant to the subject. The collection is based on books, pamphlets, journals, and offprints donated by members and various publishers, whose gifts are greatly appreciated. The collection also includes many books from the library of the late Professor R H Robins.All items received are listed in each issue of the Bulletin. The Library has moved from Keble College, Oxford, to the University of York;
  • publishing the series Henry Sweet Society Studies in the History of Linguistics. The first ten volumes are now available and may be purchased by members at special rates. For further information, contact the Society’s publisher: Nodus Publikationen, Postfach 5725, D-48031 Münster, Germany. E-mail:

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