Past colloquia

2018 Maynooth

St. Joseph's Square, St. Patrick's College, May 2008

The 2018 colloquium was held at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, 5–8 September 2018.

Programme 2018

Abstracts in alphabetical order 2018.

2017 London


The 2017 colloquium of the Henry Sweet Society was a one-day event at the University of Westminster on Friday 28 April.

The 2017 colloquium included the following presentations which promise an emphasis on the role of women in the history of linguistics and in language more generally:

  • The Leslie Seiffert lecture, delivered by Dr Helena Sanson (Cambridge)
  • The inaugural lecture of the Westminster Forum for Language and Linguistics by Prof. Deborah Cameron (Oxford).

2016 Cambridge


The 2016 colloquium was held at Pembroke College, Cambridge, September 13-15. The theme of the conference was Onomastics and its history.

Preliminary Programme 2016.

2015 Gargnano del Garda

The 2015 colloquium was held at the Palazzo Feltrinelli, Gargnano del Garda, Italy, from 16–19 September.

Gargnano HSS colloquium programme 14.08.2015

2014 Nottingham


The 2014 colloquium took place at the University of Nottingham, in combination with the conference ‘Connecting Cultures?: An International Conference on the History of Teaching and Learning Second/Foreign Languages, 1500-2000 (2-5 July 2014, University of Nottingham).

2013 Berlin

The 2013 colloquium took place at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, 29–31 August.

Programme Colloquium 2013

2012 Aarhus

The 2012 colloquium took place at the University of Aarhus between 30 August and 1 September. The theme was ‘The History of Grammar Writing’.

2011 Cambridge


The 2011 colloquium was held on 19 March at the University of Cambridge.

Programme Colloquium 2011

2010 Sheffield

University of Sheffield

The 2010 colloquium was held between Thursday 9 September and Saturday 11 September at the University of Sheffield. Biography-writing in the historiography of linguistics was a major theme of the colloquium.

Programme Colloquium 2010

2009 Oxford


The 2009 Colloquium of the Henry Sweet Society for the History of Linguistic Ideas took place at Jesus College Oxford between Monday 14 September and Thursday 17 September.

Programme Colloquium 2009

Report Colloquium 2009

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