Salmon-Verburg Fund

The Salmon-Verburg Memorial Fund was established with generous donations from Vivian Salmon and Adriaan Verburg to commemorate Paul Salmon (1921-1997), a founder-member of the Society, who also made the first English translation of Pieter Verburg’s (1905-1989) Taal en Fontionialiteit (originally published in Dutch in 1952).

The Salmon-Verburg Fund is used by the Society to grant one or two annual bursaries to assist younger scholars and other deserving candidates to attend the annual Colloquium of the Henry Sweet Society.

Up to two bursaries (each maximum £200) are available each year to assist participants who are presenting papers at the annual Henry Sweet Society Colloquium in meeting their travel costs. Information on how to apply is made available by the Colloquium organizers each year.

For the 2018 colloquium, applications should be sent to Dr Deborah Hayden ( no later than Wednesday 18 July 2018.

The application form can be found here.

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