The Poor Man of Nippur – World’s first film in Babylonian

6 December 2018

“The Poor Man of Nippur” is a c. 3,000 year-old comic folk tale in Babylonian language. The main manuscript is a clay tablet from 701 BC found at the site of Sultantepe, in South-East Turkey. Recounted by a third-party narrator, it tells the story of the three-fold revenge which Gimil-Ninurta wreaks on the local Mayor Read more

Vivien Law Prize 2018 winners

22 November 2018

It is with great pleasure that we announce the joint winners of the 2018 Vivien Law Prize: Ji Ma (University of Sheffield) for his essay “Medical Metaphor, Body Politic and John Hart’s Conceptualization of Orthographic Reform”. Raf Van Rooy (KU Leuven) for his essay “From Koine to Standard: the Early Modern Making of a Key Read more

CfP: Panel on Unusual Grammars

19 November 2018

I am hoping to organize a panel at the Henry Sweet Society Colloquium 2019 on grammars that are based on models that are or might seem unusual, at least from our modern vantage point. An example might be John Palsgrave’s Lesclarcissement de la langue francoyse (1530), modeled on Theodore Gaza’s Greek grammar, on which I Read more

CfP: Panel on Political Conceptualization of Linguistic Thought, HSS 2019

9 November 2018

We are hoping to organize a panel of papers on the political conceptualization of linguistic thought at the 2019 colloquium of the Henry Sweet Society and would like to hear from other researchers interested in presenting a paper, with 20 minutes’ speaking time and 10 minutes for questions. If you are interested in participating or Read more