Bulletin 29, November 1997


1. List of Contents

2. Editorial (David Cram & Andrew Linn)

3. Obituary for Paul Salmon

HSS Colloquium, Luton 1997

4. Conference report (Anders Ahlqvist)

5. Abstracts of papers


6. Tony Crowley, Language in History: Theories and Texts (Mark Atherton)

7. Klaus D. Dutz & Stefano Gensini (eds.), Im Spiegel des Verstandes, Studien zu Leibniz (Jaap Maat)

8. Klaus Dutz & H.-J. Niederehe (eds.), Theorie und Rekonstruktion (Werner Hüllen)

9. Silvia B. Garciá, Zum Arbitraritätsbegriff bei F. de Saussure (Brigitta Nehrlich & David D. Clarke)

10. Penny Lee, The Whorf Theory Complex: A Critical Reconstruction (Anthony Parry-Jones)

11. Ian Michael, English as a Subject: Its Development over Four Centuries (John Walmesley)

12. Brigitte Nerlich & David D. Clarke, Language, Action and Context: The Early History of Pragmatics in England and America (Frank Vonk)

13. Riccardo Rizza et al. (eds.), Colloquia, et dictictionariolum octo linguarum (Werner Hüllen)

Publications received

14. Books & Pamphlets / Journals / Articles, (ed. Herman Bell)

15. The Renaissance Linguistics Archive (Christine Damis)

Reviews and announcements

17. Report on the SGdS Colloquium, Potsdam 1997 (Michael Isermann)

18. Henry Sweet Society Colloquium, Amsterdam 1998

19. 11th International Colloquium of the SGdS, Leuven / Louvain 1998

20. Henry Sweet Society financial report (John Flood, Treasurer)

21. New members and changes of address (ed. Herman Bell)

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